MALO SMILES is headquartered in Rutherford, New Jersey and was founded by a team of U.S. dental healthcare specialists, who have undergone extensive training with Dr. Paulo Malo and his clinical team in Lisbon. MALO SMILES’s team of specialists are education and research affiliates of MALO CLINIC Lisbon.

Over the years, they have developed a unique relationship with their mentors and now help to educate others in the U.S. and throughout the world on the revolutionary “All-on-4®” technique. They also participate in ongoing research along with the MALO CLINIC team and their collaborators around the world in order to assure continuous innovation and ongoing success of the various “All-on-4®” treatment modalities.

MALO SMILES is located in a state-of-the-art dental treatment center that provides innovative and high quality dental implant care to patients who visit from across the United States. They often work with a patient’s existing dentist, assisting with treatment planning and providing specialized services in order to help them deliver the best care they can for their patients.


MALO CLINIC was established in 1995 by Dr. Paulo Malo and has become the world leader in Implantology and Dental Aesthetics based on:

  • the number of treated patients and the complexity of their cases,
  • the magnitude of their clinics and their international spread,
  • the number of world-wide collaborators,
  • the number and prestige of patents it holds, innovations and innovative surgical techniques developed, as well as all its international recognition.

MALO CLINIC’s Lisbon headquarters, with a total area of 60,000 square meters distributed along 18 floors, is also among the largest educational centers for dental professionals seeking continuing education courses and hands on advanced training in dental implant surgery and restorations. In an average year, over 3,500 dental professionals come from all over the world looking to learn about the MALO CLINICS’ techniques and products.

Dr. Malo, together with his team, developed the MALO CLINIC Protocol (surgical techniques and innovative products such as the All-on-4®, the new zygomatic implant, the NobelSpeedy™ implant and the advanced prosthetic solution – the MALO CLINIC Bridge). It’s recognized worldwide by the dental and medical community as setting a new standard in the field of Fixed Oral Rehabilitation and this is simply the beginning of a long journey ahead. Today, MALO CLINIC –Lisbon is the world’s largest center for Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation.

Since its inception, MALO CLINIC has created and developed a unique clinical environment, which has grown around the world by generating strategic partnerships and affiliations in research, education, and the delivery of care utilizing successful time tested MALO CLINIC protocols and laboratory products, as well as with the creation of new MALO CLINIC locations around the world. MALO CLINIC has a presence in 43 locations, distributed across five continents throughout the world.

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MALO CLINIC Lisbon – Facts

  • A world leader in Dental Implantology and Dental Aesthetics
  • Receives more than 6 new cases per month
  • Performs approximately 360 appointments per day
  • Has presently 85.500 patients coming from several countries
  • 600 staff members
  • 3,500 professionals trained per year at MALO CLINIC Education
  • 127 Dental offices
  • 70 Medical offices (MALO CLINIC Medical Care)
  • 14 Surgical rooms equipped with the most advanced technology
  • 22 Recovery suites and rooms
  • Radiology services equipped with the most recent methods for diagnosis
  • Fixed Prosthesis Laboratory (MALO CLINIC Prosthetics)
  • A team of 70 higher-education prosthetic technicians
  • Advanced Training Center (MALO CLINIC Education)

MALO CLINIC, Paulo Malo and his team received several awards and recognitions for innovation and entrepreneurship, such as: “Mercury Prize” (Prémio Mercúrio) in Services category 2012/2013; MALO CLINIC selected National Champion in the 2013/14 European Business Awards; Prize Project Innovation Research 2013 for MALO CLINIC Ceramic Bridge by the Saúde Oral Awards (Oral Health Awards); Nominee for the award “Portugueses de Valor 2013” (Portuguese Value Award 2013) – Lusopress; “Most Reliable Dental Group” in China – 2013; “Best Luxury Medical Spa 2013” – Global Winner in Asia; “Best Luxury Medical/Wellness Spa 2012” – Country Winner in China; Assignment of the name Paulo Malo to Dental Medicine course at “Universidad Tecnológica de San António de Machala” at Ecuador, 2011; Prize “Best Luxury Medical/Wellness Spa 2011” – Global Winner in Asia; Prize “Innovator of the year” 2011 in China; Prize COTEC UNICER 2010; Top-Ten Medical Spa Asia 2010; CESPU Award “Young Researcher 2010”; Award “China’s Top Ten Spas” – 2009; 3RD Prize Hospital do Futuro 2008/2009; Prize Professor Armando Simões dos Santos 2006 and 2008, Spain and Argentina; Tiradentes Medal – ABOP 2008; Finalist of “Prémio Mercúrio” 2008; Prize INSEAD- Entrepreneur of the Year Award – 2007; “Leader 2020” Award, 2007; III Iberian Prize of Clinical Implantology 2001 – SEPA & Nobel Biocare.