Replacing All of Your Teeth

Replacing All of Your Teeth

Rampant tooth loss as a consequence of untreated gum disease is a reality that a significant percentage of the population faces as they age. Edentulism – the state described by not having any of your original adult teeth left – and near-edentulism is something that tens of millions of Americans live with on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are far more sophisticated alternatives to traditional teeth replacement methods such as partial and full removable dentures and these more advanced solutions are supported by dental implants.

Replacing All of Your Teeth with the All-on-4 ®

In 1993, Dr. Paulo Malo, the founder and CEO of the world renowned MALO CLINIC in Lisbon, innovated a dental implant protocol that revolutionized the field of fixed oral rehabilitation. He called it the All-on-4® due to its ability to provide patients with a brand new set of fixed teeth using only four strategically placed dental implants. While previously, there were dental implant treatments available for patients who had lost most or all of their teeth; the All-on-4® was designed to overcome many of the challenges and problems that these techniques faced, as well as to reduce the number of implants necessary to support a full set of teeth.

Even more amazing is that the revolutionary All-on-4® is able to provide patients who are missing all their teeth with solutions that can be achieved in just one day, with a single surgery and at a much lesser expense than previously possible. Here at MALO SMILES, we offer patients All-on-4® dental implants performed the world renowned ”MALO CLINIC Way”….utilizing MALO CLINIC’s clinically proven protocols, techniques and laboratory products that have proven successful for tens of thousands of All-on-4® patients throughout the world.

A Brief Overview of the All-on-4®

The All-on-4® involves the securing of a fully customized dental prosthesis (a rigid structure consisting of a full set of functional and natural-looking teeth and gums) to only four dental implants, as you can see in the following picture…

Image courtesy of Nobel Biocare

The strategic arrangement of dental implants allows us to provide patients with new teeth almost always on the same day as the surgery and typically without the need for bone grafting surgery.

With the help of sophisticated computer imaging software, 3D CAT scans and X-rays, our team of dental implant professionals is almost always able to provide patients with same day solutions that come with minimal pain or discomfort and a minimal recovery period.

Replacing All of Your Teeth: Options

The great thing about the All-on-4® is that almost every patient can be considered a candidate for it; however, there are alternatives. Here at MALO SMILES, we also offer a suite of other implant-based treatments to patients who wish to replace all of their missing teeth. Based upon the assessments of our experienced dental implant surgeons, you will be presented with all of your options so that the treatment you ultimately receive caters fully to your needs and means.


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